Things to keep in mind while buying diamonds.

Cut– choosing and opting the perfect cut is the first step as a choice is diamond cut determines its polish symmetry and style. Cut does not refer to shape, it means its symmetry. There are numerous cuts such as round cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, princess cut diamond etc.

      Clarity– looking for diamond clarity is the second step to be kept in mind while buying diamonds. As light passes through diamond it reflects. A perfect diamond has good clarity. When we put diamond through light it reflects which shows the perfection grade of diamond and shows if diamonds have any blemishes or not.

      Colour– choosing a colour of your diamond is the next step. You can find diamonds of any colour you can think of still the colourless diamond remains the most popular. As the size of the diamond increases the colour of diamonds also moves towards yellow tints.

      Carat – this step is merely based on your budget. Carat means the size of the diamond as the size increases the value too increases.

        Shape– the most important step while buying diamonds is to choose the shape of the diamond. Shape means the outline of a diamond which we view from the top. Again choosing the shape of diamond also depends on your budget.

        Certification– this is the final and kinda most important step in buying diamonds. Buying diamonds is an investment so we have to be well aware of its purity. Checking for the purity certification given to that piece of diamond is the final and most important step.all diamonds are given the certificates by international gemological institute or GIA.

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