Tips to take care of your diamonds!

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and taking proper care of them is very important as it’s also an investment. To maintain its shine and worth we need to put in little effort.  Here are some tips and tricks for you to take care of your diamonds and make them shine and keep them as good as new.

Avoid wearing them while cleaning and dusting– wearing diamonds while you are in close contact with dust particles can make your diamond go dull as dust particles stick on the stone and result into compromising on its shine.

Clean your diamond daily to remove any dust particle or oil – clean your diamonds with regular water and mild soap or dishwasher to keep them retain their shine. Dilute some soap in a glass of water and then soak your diamonds for an hour and them pat dry them with a soft towel.

Deep clean every month– once in every month deep clean your diamonds to restore its shine. A easy peasy way to do this is to soak your diamonds in club soda and put it over night, then in morning pat dry it with a soft towel and voila there you go as good as new.

Store your diamonds carefully–    store your diamonds carefully to protect them and to maintain their shine and value. Take a soft tissue wrap your diamonds in the tissue then store it in a jewelry box in a cold dry place.

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